Evolution of Consumer Behaviors and Mobile Measurement

Toby Roessingh

Measurement Partnerships Program Manager at Facebook

Toby Roessingh, Measurement Partnerships Program Manager at Facebook, takes us through a deep dive of the evolving mobile media landscape and its implications for measurement.

It’s nearly undeniable: at this point, in 2018, the mobile shift has happened. In fact, Cisco reports that there are now more mobile devices than people in the world. Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, many of today’s most successful marketers and product managers are optimizing the strategies and attribution sources behind their most successful mobile growth. Are you enabling cross-device measurement of the users you work so hard to acquire and engage? According to Facebook’s Toby Roessingh, the answer to this and other timely questions could make all the difference.

In this inspiring and insightful talk, Toby will share:

  • Seasoned insights regarding the media consumption ecosystem as it exists today;
  • Recommendations for optimizing your marketing and growth strategies to fit emerging media consumption trends;
  • Strategies for cross-device measurement and marketing and growth conversion lift in 2018.

How can Branch help streamline and optimize your web and app attribution?

Do you, like many large companies, have separate advertising stacks for your website and your app? Toby emphasizes the importance of cross-device measurement, which has become increasingly integral as mobile experiences continue to acquire and engage users at higher rates than desktop experiences. Branch makes attribution across devices easy, allowing you to optimize your acquisition channels and ultimately connect with people rather than cookies.

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