Growth Marketing at Lyft

Sigal Bareket

Director of Growth Marketing for Lyft

Join Lyft's Director of Growth Marketing, Sigal Bareket, for a deep dive into manifestations of mobile marketing and growth at Lyft.

The Growth Marketing team at Lyft follows one basic rule: keep growing as long as ROI targets are met. At the core of Lyft’s success as a business is perfecting the balance of supply and demand—after all, acquiring drivers doesn’t drive mobile growth without also acquiring passengers. From user acquisition to activation to engagement to retention, Lyft is defining mobile growth strategies that have taken the number of Lyft rides from 12 million in May 2016 to 40 million in May 2017.

In this inspiring and insightful talk, Sigal will discuss:

  • Strategies for acquiring and retaining two very different audiences with two very different goals;
  • Lyft’s secret to connecting product, engineering, data science, and growth marketing teams: The Pod Structure;
  • Strategies for maintaining consistent communication from the very first touch point throughout the user lifecycle, and why it’s important to do so.

How can Branch help you refine your growth marketing strategy?

Lyft emphasizes that multiple touchpoints work for both getting users into your app, and for retaining them once they are there. Branch allows you to attribute your most important in-app events such as purchases, shares, and signups to the paid or organic channels they initiated from so you can track those touchpoints and pinpoint the channels and content that work best for growing and engaging users in your app.

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