The Branch Way

The Branch Way is the cultural expectations of Branch as an organization — it’s what every employee should expect of us and hold us accountable for. Our Branch internal motto is “Build Together, Grow Together, Win Together” and The Branch Way follows these three concepts.

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We are a culture of builders

We are a culture of builders

We work hard and we empower each other to do the best work of our careers.

  • We work smart and strive to minimize long hours.
  • We take initiative to solve our own problems and we value actions over words.
  • We respect each other and our work regardless of title, position, etc.
  • No work is beneath anyone.
We are a humble, collaborative culture focused on mutual growth

We are a humble, collaborative culture focused on mutual growth

We give each other candid feedback and invest in our employees’ growth.

  • We give people opportunities outside of their comfort zones.
  • We help each other grow by giving each other candid feedback.
  • We are deliberate and transparent in the way we communicate at all levels — everyone has a voice.
  • We feel like a strong community where we have each other's back.
We are intense and focused on winning

We are intense and focused on winning

Winning means giving our customers the best possible products and experiences.

  • We are customer-centric in everything we do.
  • We hire and keep only the best people.
  • We challenge ourselves and each other to keep the bar high.
  • We use data to make decisions and measure our successes.

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Our values

Our core values are deeply ingrained principles that guide our actions, a set of beliefs upon which our culture is built on.


Every situation, decision, and challenge is unique, and we greatly value the use of good judgement in deciding the best path forward. We use critical thinking, a long-term view, and sound logic to make wise decisions in moments of ambiguity.

Living up to our good judgement value means:
  • You use the context of the situation and sound logic to come to a reasonable, (likely) correct conclusion.
  • You use critical and analytical thinking to make wise decisions despite ambiguity.
  • You think strategically, taking into account how your decisions impact others outside of your scope.
  • You identify root causes, and get beyond treating symptoms.
  • You run experiments and use data to inform your ultimate decision.
  • You make decisions based on the long term, not near term.

Everyone on our team thinks of Branch as their company. We’re building the future of mobile together, and the only way we’ll succeed in our mission is if we all maintain a sense of ownership over everything we do.

Living up to our ownership value means:
  • You ensure things get done, get done on time, and get done correctly.
  • You are resource-conscious and treat Branch resources as your own.
  • You direct others on projects and are able to provide leadership to other team members.
  • You are accountable for not only your work, but for the work of others as well.
  • You help to ensure we hire only the best.

In order to scale, we need to communicate more than feels natural in order to ensure others have all the information they need. We are proactive, candid, open, and explicit in the way we communicate, and we listen actively and openly to others.

Living up to our communication value means:
  • You listen well and seek to understand before responding.
  • You communicate plans or ideas proactively; you don’t keep secrets.
  • You provide candid, helpful, timely feedback to colleagues. You act with candor, authenticity, transparency, and in a non-political way.
  • You only say things about fellow employees that you would say to their face.

We don’t ask for permission, we don’t wait to be told what to do. Instead, we have a bias towards action that helps us continue moving at a blazing fast speed.

Living up to our initiative value means:
  • You find problems instead of waiting for problems to come to you.
  • You seek orphan projects, find an owner or complete them yourself.
  • You take the time to think about how you can improve Branch.
  • You fix and improve things around you without being told to do so.
  • You take risks, seeking success but embracing failure.
  • You provide constructive feedback privately vs. public criticism.

We care about results — not politics, favoritism, or excuses. We prioritize based on business impact and don’t let trivial things get in the way of what’s best for the business.

Living up to our impact value means:
  • You prioritize projects based on projected business impact.
  • You push back against rules and processes if they don’t make sense.
  • You define project result criteria and relentlessly pursue them until completed.
  • You confirm and report results after project completion.
  • You deliver the highest quality work.

Every minute counts when you’re building on the fastest moving industry on the planet. We move at a blazing speed that keeps us ahead of the curve.

Living up to our urgency value means:
  • You work quickly and inspire others to take action.
  • You prioritize well and apply urgency to the project with the most potential impact.
  • You identify what situations call for different levels of urgency and quality, and execute without sacrificing either.

We are resilient against setbacks, view failures and challenges as learning opportunities, and are persistent until we succeed.

Living up to our grit value means:
  • You are persistent — you don’t let minor setbacks or challenges get in the way of reaching a goal.
  • You are resilient against setbacks, sticking with things until you succeed and you stay strong through difficult times.
  • You work hard to figure things out or close gaps when lacking skills, knowledge, or experience.
  • You view setbacks and failures as learning opportunities and stay focused on long-term growth.

No single person has made Branch what it is today. We’re all in this together, and we go out of our way to make sure that we stay humble, are free of ego, and maintain a culture of selflessness.

Living up to our humility value means:
  • You treat people with respect regardless of their status or agreement with you.
  • You include everyone’s opinion — every viewpoint has value.
  • You think any work that provides impact is valuable and no work is beneath you.
  • You admit mistakes freely and openly.

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