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“We know that users are more engaged on our native apps, so sending them from the mobile site to our apps is an important strategy for us. Using Branch allows us to give our users a more seamless experience, by deep linking them directly into the content they are viewing on the mobile site, and helping us to retain them.”

Richard Eckles | Dailymotion Growth Lead


30-day retention


Active days per month

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After realizing how critical the native apps are for building stronger relationships with users, the team at Dailymotion -- a video-sharing website on which users can upload, watch, and share videos -- set out to leverage the high traffic from their mobile website to drive new app installs. Ultimately, the Branch web to app optimization platform allowed Dailymotion to drive significant app growth while routing users to the exact video in the app they were viewing on the mobile website, regardless of if they had the app already installed.


  • Drive app growth from mobile website
  • Create seamless user experience from mobile web to in-app content
  • Improve overall user retention and engagement on mobile


  • Use Branch web to app optimization platform to show banner on mobile site
  • Use Branch deferred deep linking to route users to video in-app post install
  • Use Branch to deep link to correct video in-app if app already installed


  • Significant increase in new app install - largest single channel
  • 71% increase in 30-day user retention compared to other installs
  • 28% increase in active days per month compared to other installs

The Problem

Given that users have largely declared that they prefer to use native apps over mobile web for their favorite companies, spending nearly 7X their time in native apps, Dailymotion was looking to convert their short-lived mobile users into retained app users. Additionally, they found that despite using Apple's Univeral Links on for deep linking, many existing app users would still end up on their mobile site since Apple's solution only works in a minority of edge cases.

The Solution

To fix this problem, Dailymotion turned to Branch to power deep linking from their mobile site. They added a Branch smart banner powered by Branch's powerful linking platform which supports deferred deep linking for new users and can deep link straight into the app when the user already has it. As a result, Dailymotion drove significantly more app downloads and saw a huge increase in the retention and engagement of users who experienced this improved user flow.


App installs are extremely expensive and difficult to come by, which is why it's essential to leverage every owned and operated platform you have to drive them. Once you do acquire a new install, every time that user faces an additional click or search to find what they are looking for, the more frustrated the user will get. Branch’s best-in-class deferred deep linking allowed Dailymotion to remove many roadblocks for their users, which led to a 71% increase in 30-day retention in their mobile app and a 28% increase in the number of active days per user in their first month.

We recently found that mobile web is the single biggest source of free installs that no one talks about. With Branch's web to app optimization platform, Dailymotion has the option to select and customize different assets types, such as banners, floating buttons, full-page, or half-page interstitials and personalize the user experience with custom audiences based on various factors such as device type, location, or number of web visits, whether the user has the app already and much more. Then, to give them confidence they've made the right choice, they easily A/B test smart banner copy, design, and styling to optimize downloads without sacrificing the user experience.

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