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“We know that users are more engaged on our native apps, so sending them from the mobile site to our apps is an important strategy for us. Using Branch allows us to give our users a more seamless experience, by deep linking them directly into the content they are viewing on the mobile site, and helping us to retain them.”

Richard Eckles | Dailymotion Growth Lead


30-day retention


Active days per month

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After realizing that their Universal Links were sending users to the homepage of their app, instead of the video that was being viewed on the mobile website, the team at Dailymotion -- a video-sharing website on which users can upload, watch, and share videos -- set out to improve their mobile user experience. Ultimately, the Branch smart banner allowed Dailymotion to use deep links on their mobile website to route users to the exact video in the app they were viewing on the mobile website, regardless of if they had the app already installed.


  • Increase user retention
  • Create seamless flow from mobile web to in-app content
  • Improve overall user engagement on mobile


  • Use Branch smart banner and deep linking to route directly to in-app content
  • Use Branch to fix broken Universal Links


  • 71% increase in 30-day user retention
  • 28% increase in active days per month

The Problem

Dailymotion was looking for a solution to improve the experiences of their mobile users by driving them to their mobile app instead of the mobile web. They turned to Apple’s Universal Links to route iOS link clicks to the native app instead of the mobile web, directing users to an optimized mobile experience where they would be more engaged. However, Universal Links made it difficult to deep link to content in the app, so every user was being routed to the homepage of the app and not directly to the content they had clicked on. This led to a frustrating user experience.

The Solution

To fix this problem, Dailymotion turned to Branch to seamlessly add deep linking to their Universal Links so that context is preserved during the transition into the app. Additionally, they added a Branch smart banner with Universal Links to convert web traffic into active app users. As a result, Dailymotion drove more app downloads and saw a significant increase in the retention and engagement of users who experienced this improved user flow.


Branch’s links are easy to use with Universal Links, and we’ve seen before that apps with Universal Links enabled see a 40% increase in conversion to open rates. Every time a user faces an additional click or search to find what they are looking for, friction increases and retention decreases. Branch’s links allowed Dailymotion to remove one such roadblock for their users, which led to a 71% increase in 30-day retention in their mobile app and a 28% increase in the number of active days per user in their first month.

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