Deep Linked Feeds for Dynamic Ads

Route ad clicks directly to app content. Improve the mobile user experience to increase conversions and revenue from your remarketing campaigns.

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What are Deep Linked Feeds?

Deep Linked Feeds are the easiest way to get working deep links for your dynamic remarketing ad campaigns. Upload your product or content feed and modify it in the dashboard to easily create deep links for your entire catalog.

Without Deep Linking

With Deep Linked Feeds

Deep linking allows you to link to the same content in the app that the consumer viewed previously in the app or on the web. On average, apps lead to a 3x increase in conversion and 2x improvement in retention than mobile web. [1]

Improve a Critical Marketing Channel

Dynamic remarketing ads are used by top brands to drive sales based on web pages or product consumers have recently interacted with.

Increase in ROAs

Source: ASOS

Cost Per Conversion

Source: The Honest Company

Why Should I Deep Link My Dynamic Ads?

Deep links improve the user experience to boost the ROI of your mobile advertising campaigns.

Deep Linked Dynamic Ads Across Multiple Platforms

Deep Linked Feeds can be used on the following platforms

More platforms coming shortly. Don't see your ad platform here? Let us know by emailing

How Do I Get Started

Create your first Deep Linked Feed for Dynamic Ads by uploading a content feed as a CSV or a file hosted on a URL

Choose your platform, ad format, and name your campaign. Branch will generate a Deep Linked Feed for the ad network of your choice.

View web and app conversion attribution, content-level analytics, and full Data Integrations compatibility with your preferred analytics partner.

Universal Ads




$ 0 /mo

UP TO 10k MAUs*

$ 59 /mo

UP TO 50k MAUs*

$ 199 /mo

UP TO 200k MAUs*


  • Redirect ad clicks to your app
  • Easily create deep links for your entire catalog
  • Improve the user experience
  • Increase the ROI of your ad campaigns
* Cost per additional 1k MAUs $5 for all plans. MAUs include app users and mobile web visitors.


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