Organic growth for your app

Referrals and Invites

Take control of your organic growth. With a few lines of code, we power the link generation, referral tracking, reward attribution, credit balance, and everything else for referrals.
Customize rewards

Customize rewards

Share anywhere

Share anywhere

Track installs and organic growth

Track installs

Customize install experience

Customize install experience

Marketing Links

Our marketing links let you track everything from clicks, to installs, to events. Moreover, you can embed data inside every link, enabling you to customize the install experience depending on where the user is coming from.
Marketing Dashboard

Flexible Link Creation
You can create links on the Branch Dashboard or through our public API to track installs through marketing campaigns, emails, your website, and much more.

White Labeled Domains
Standard Branch links are, but you can customize them to be anything you want. Just choose a short domain and set it up in our Dashboard.

Custom Link Aliases
You can choose your own URL path when creating marketing links in our dashboard, which makes links memorable and easy to share. For example:

Smart sharing

Branch enables you to add trackable sharing links into your app with just a few lines of code. You can easily get started by implementing our share sheets or overshare kit system in a few easy steps.
InfluencersThe Branch dashboard gives you powerful insights into which users are sharing your app and driving the most downloads.
Personalized installsPersonalizing the first app experience after install delivers a better user experience and drives higher sign-up conversions.
Insights into user sharingKnow where to focus your efforts by seeing performance for your user-to-user sharing, marketing links, paid campaigns and referral program.