Apple App Site Association (AASA) Validator

The AASA Validator, formerly the Universal Links Validator, can be used to test if your website is properly configured for Universal Links. We’ll test your domain against Apple’s requirements for hosting your Apple App Site Association file along with what we have seen in production that leads to a successful implementation of Universal Links. Properly setting it up is a critical step in ensuring that your Universal Links work properly so you’re able to give your iOS users the best possible experience. If your AASA validates, and Universal Links are still broken, you can use the Universal Links Validator to test your Xcode project configuration.

In addition to your domain, you may also enter your Apple App Prefix and Bundle Identifier to validate that the correct values from your project are present. If your Apple App Site Association file is properly formatted, we’ll return it for you. If not, we’ll show you which tests failed or did not run due to a previous failed test.

{{ domain }} -- This domain validates, JSON format is valid, and the Bundle and Apple App Prefixes match (if provided).
Below you’ll find a list of tests that were run and a copy of your apple-app-site-association file:

  • {{ displayMessage('badDns', didErrorOccur='success_without_congrats') }}
  • {{ displayMessage('httpsFailure', didErrorOccur=false) }}
  • {{ displayMessage('serverError', didErrorOccur=false) }}
  • {{ displayMessage('badContentType', didErrorOccur=false) }}
  • {{ displayMessage('invalidJson', didErrorOccur=false) }}
{{ prettyPrintAASA(results.aasa) }}
{{ domain }} -- This domain has a valid AASA, but does not contain provided Bundle / Apple App Prefix Identifiers. Bundle information can be found in the General tab for your build target in Xcode. App Prefix information can be found on your Apple Developer Account on the App IDs page.

{{ prettyPrintAASA(results.aasa) }}
{{ domain }} -- This domain's AASA was pulled, but the JSON format seems Invalid. Please contact us

{{ prettyPrintAASA(results.aasa) }}
  • {{ domain }} – This domain has some validation issues
  • A request to this domain failed.
  • {{ displayMessage('badDns', results.errors.badDns) }}
  • {{ displayMessage('httpsFailure', results.errors.httpsFailure) }} Learn More
  • {{ displayMessage('serverError', results.errors.serverError) }} Learn More
  • {{ displayMessage('badContentType', results.errors.badContentType) }}
  • {{ displayMessage('invalidJson', results.errors.invalidJson) }} Learn More
Disclaimer: This product is not affiliated with Apple. It utilizes code, with permission from the author, of an open-source repo found here. If you have questions about the tool, or encounter an issue with your Universal Links setup, please contact us.

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