A Universal Smart App Banner
for Android and iOS

Convert web visits into app users with full attribution and performance metric

How it works

The fully-customizable Branch Smart App Banner deep links users to the app content they were viewing on the web, even through install.

3x daily downloads
6x click to install rate
42% click to install rate
Smart Banner Click Flow

A Smart Banner that handles every edge case

The Branch Smart Banner properly routes both mobile and web clicks and works on Android and iOS.

Smart Banner Edge Cases

With Journeys, Smart Banners become fully customizable

Journeys™ allows you to codelessly create and deploy personalized banners and interstitials for customized audiences.

Smart Banner Edge Cases

Get results with full attribution and analytics

Compare Smart Banner installs to other organic and paid campaigns with our powerful attribution metrics.


Identify and properly track clicks, installs, and opens to understand the performance of your mobile referrals.


Use our dashboard to compare the referral program's performance to other features and user acquisition channels.

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