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We’re excited to announce that TUNE’s Attribution Analytics platform and team are now a part of Branch. This merger of skills and expertise will form the industry’s leading marketing and measurement platform.
Note from the CEO
Note from the CEO

Alex Austin shares his thoughts on the partnership and the new era of mobile.

Press Release
Press Release

Branch & TUNE release quotes and a joint statement on the partnership.

Branch + Tune FAQ
Branch + Tune FAQ

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Find them here.

What is happening?

Branch is acquiring TUNE's Attribution Analytics business. In the coming months, we'll be integrating the people, expertise, and robust capabilities of TUNE's offering into Branch's suite of solutions.

Why is this happening?

The TUNE team essentially invented the concept of mobile measurement in 2012, and have continued to act as industry stewards, establishing best practices and bringing fresh ideas to the mobile market. Combining TUNE’s capabilities with Branch's unique, cross-platform suite will yield the most progressive and advanced measurement platform on the market today. We see a future where an entire organization, from product, to data, to marketing will be leveraging Branch to both build contextual user experiences and also connect the dots to see the true cross-platform outcomes of campaigns.

Will TUNE customers keep their existing account managers?

Yes! TUNE customers will continue working with their current points of contact. Customer success managers and solutions engineers will stay the same, as we’re integrating the entire customer-facing TUNE team into Branch. Customers who already work with both Branch and TUNE will continue having two CSMs in the short term, and will have the option to consolidate down to a single CSM in future.

What day-to-day changes will TUNE customers see?

In the short term, nothing! TUNE customers will continue to access Attribution Analytics as normal, will continue to receive the same service and support, and will continue to work with their existing customer success managers.

The most exciting part about this is that we can confidently say that no technical work will be required for the vast majority of customers. No SDK changes. No link changes. No feature changes. Attribution Analytics capabilities will be fully integrated into the Branch platform, allowing customers to seamlessly harness the functionality of both platforms together.

What changes can Branch customers expect?

Branch will be deploying more advanced analytics and segmentation capabilities over the coming weeks and months as part of this acquisition. Existing Branch customers will have soon access to functionality such as cohort analysis, cost ingestion / ROI, advanced fraud prevention based on TUNE’s many years of experience, and much more.

What happens next?

Each Attribution Analytics account will be assigned a dedicated Product Manager point of contact at Branch, to ensure a smooth transition and answer questions throughout the integration period. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be working with customers to create upgrade plans that will allow them to take advantage of all the features of the combined platform. Our current goal is to complete the integration process by March 2019.

Will TUNE customers need to adopt a new pricing model?

There won’t be any immediate changes. We will work with customers individually to ensure they are on a pricing model that is the best fit for their business.

Can TUNE customers measure Facebook campaigns now?

Facebook measurement will automatically be available to all customers after the integration is complete. On a case-by-case basis, customers may also have the option of using the Branch platform separately for Facebook campaign measurement ahead of the transition. Customers should contact their account managers to learn more.

Which Branch products will TUNE customers receive automatically?

TUNE customers will be transitioned to Branch's Universal Ads and Data Feeds products, which provide equivalent functionality to TUNE's Attribution Analytics offering. Customers will also receive full access to the core Branch linking platform — including deferred deep linking and features like Referral Analytics and Text-Me-The-App — and can work with their account managers to implement Branch's other premium products.

How can TUNE customers begin implementing other Branch products like Journeys and Universal Email?

TUNE customers can begin implementing additional Branch products at any time. Some technical changes may be required, depending on whether customers already have the Branch SDK implemented. Customers can talk to their account managers to learn more about Branch’s full suite of products.

Will TUNE customers lose any Attribution Analytics functionality?

We're committed to working closely with customers to understand their needs, and ensure the transition process addresses their requirements. In the unlikely situation that we aren't able to support a unique and uncommon piece of functionality going forward, we will do everything possible to help identify acceptable alternatives.

What does this mean for the Attribution Analytics road map?

Branch has an exciting roadmap planned, and it aligns closely with the Attribution Analytics roadmap. We look forward to sharing details about all the upgrades customers can expect to see in future.

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