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Embracing the post-IDFA world with Branch’s Predictive Modeling

Branch's attribution technology is designed specifically for the world where universal identifiers such as IDFA and GAID don’t exist. The Branch system uses an industry-unique, anonymous, predictive algorithm that incorporates historical attributions to deliver high accuracy attribution where there is no universal ID. This means where the rest of the industry is reliant on basic probabilistic methods with accuracy rates of 60-70%, Branch can deliver superior, more accurate attributions.

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Flawless User Experiences

Cross-Platform Experiences that Convert

You want to provide users with the strongest possible digital experience every time they connect with your brand, but as they switch between channels and devices, it becomes more difficult to make sure that happens. From customizable and targeted mobile banners to QR codes, seamless app login from email, text-me-the-app, and more, Branch helps you create seamless experiences across touchpoints and engage users in your app.

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Forget about yesterday's technology

Predictive Modeling

Get more accurate attribution data from your paid ads and organic channels.

We built the Branch infrastructure to power world-class deep linked user experiences. Our bar for attribution has always been higher because accurate user identification is critical for deep linking. That’s why we created Predictive Modeling, a sophisticated attribution system based on a large number of truth signals that leads to increased matching accuracy. These signals are device-level and privacy-safe, and no other MMP has them.

Predictive Modeling is available for ad attribution when users opt into ad tracking via Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency (ATT) modal, and is always available to measure organic, non-paid channels.

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