App Install Attribution

Easily measure where paid and organic users are coming from

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View your full-funnel

From click to install to in-app actions, Branch measures your full user conversion funnel.

app install attribution

Discover the sources of your most valuable users

Attribute your most important in-app events such as purchases, shares, and signups to the paid or organic channels they initiated from.

Uncover your most engaging content

With Content Analytics, discover the app content that drives the most engagement and growth. Leverage that content to promote your app and reduce acquisition costs.

Take action with your insights

Branch equips you with a number of tools, such as Journeys, referrals, and Deepviews, to optimize conversions on any of your acquisition channels.

Digest all your data in one place

With Data Integrations, we’ve partnered with leading mobile analytics providers, such as Appboy, Tune, Localytics, and more, to pull all your app install attribution data into a single dashboard with one-click.

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