Cross-Channel Attribution

X-ray vision for
maximum ROI

Your attribution data should be telling you
so much more about your customer journeys.

People-Based Attribution from Branch helps your bottom line by providing sophisticated customer insights and unified, cross-channel visibility.

Stop falling down the attribution rabbit hole

Stop falling down the attribution rabbit hole

Branch's People-Based Attribution gives you the power to connect touchpoints from every channel with conversions on any platform.

You will finally be freed from the frustration of debugging discrepancies caused by legacy attribution tools that can't tell you when one user shows up in multiple places.


More than measurement

Counting conversions is an important part of attribution, but it's only the beginning. People-Based Attribution gives you the ability to recognize your customers everywhere, opening a world of new possibilities.

Offer better user experiences
Offer better user experiences

Know when web visitors have your app installed, and invite them to switch seamlessly to the better platform.

Say goodbye to
Say goodbye to "unattributed"

Stop drowning in conversions with no source data, just because your attribution tool couldn't see the initial touchpoint.

Understand customer intent
Understand customer intent

Improve conversion rates by connecting with users in the right channel and at the opportune moment, based on their prior activity.

Escape from the limitations of incomplete data

Escape from the limitations of incomplete data

Your customer journeys are fragmented across channels and platforms, but traditional attribution systems are unable to connect the dots because they see each fragment as a different, anonymous user.

People-Based Attribution stitches all of these identity fragments back together. The result: a single, deduplicated persona for each of your actual human customers, available to reference across every channel and platform for accurate measurement and personalized user experiences.

Escape from the limitations of incomplete data

Forget about yesterday's technology

Meet Branch's Persona Graph

A virtuous cycle

We built the Branch infrastructure to power world-class deep linked user experiences. Our bar for attribution has always been higher because accurate user identification is critical for deep linking. By solving cross-platform user experiences for many of the best-known brands in the world, Branch created a people-based measurement solution that is both more accurate and more reliable than anything else available.

Best-in-Class Matching

Branch's matching technology is designed specifically for the world where universal identifiers such as IDFA and GAID don’t exist.

The Branch system uses an industry-unique, anonymous, probabilistic algorithm that incorporates historical attributions to deliver high accuracy matching where there is no universal ID. This means where the rest of the industry is reliant on fingerprinting technology with accuracy rates of 60-70%, Branch can deliver superior, more accurate attributions.

Let Branch expand your horizon

Build bridges instead of counting beans

Legacy attribution providers are in the ad business. They tell you how much to pay each month, and which campaigns drove the most clicks. This is important to know, but it's far from the whole story.

Branch is different.

Our goal is to help you create authentic connections with your customers through amazing user experiences. We don't exist to sell retargeting data, and won't charge you more just because you drive more conversions. We care about the same thing you do: happy, engaged, retained users.

Everybody that we met seemed very eager to help develop solutions tailored specifically for our company.

Amanda Goetz

Director of Consumer Product Marketing

Two steps to better attribution

Two steps to
better attribution

Start tracking all of your touchpoints

Start tracking all of your touchpoints.

User journeys happen across channels. To get accurate attribution, you need to measure all of them. Fortunately, Branch has been powering flawless cross-channel user experiences for years, which means our links have a proven track record of working everywhere.

It's a win-win solution: integrating Branch into each additional channel will increase your attributed conversions by up to 30%, and give you improved user experiences that will keep customers coming back for more.

Stop falling down the attribution rabbit hole

Stop letting conversions slip past.

Your customer journeys aren't linear, and your attribution solutions shouldn't be either. Conversions can happen on any platform, and to understand the full return of your marketing investments, you have to track all of your campaigns. Branch has you covered on every platform.

Cohort analysis for everything

Unlock the true potential of cohort analysis as a tool to report on campaign results AND improve performance over time, without needing to hire a data science team.

Stop limiting yourself to the single-channel, single-platform cohort reports available through legacy attribution systems. Branch's cross-platform, cross-channel cohort analysis gives you apples-to-apples comparisons for all of your marketing campaigns, no matter where they happen.

Universal Ads Product Features

Have your cake and eat it too

People-Based Attribution is a game-changing new approach to attribution, and it also offers all the basics you expect from a mature attribution system.

Cross-platform Persona IDs

Recognize your users across web and app—even when they aren't logged in—using automatic cross-platform identifiers.

Simple, one time setup

Branch has seamless integrations to plug into your marketing, product, and data stacks. No complicated engineering work required.

Web & app attribution

Stop using different tools for different platforms. With People-Based Attribution, you get one tracking system to rule them all across your products.

Configurable attribution windows

Set the custom attribution windows best suited to your campaigns, down to the individual link level.

View-through attribution

Clicks don’t tell the whole story of your ad performance. Get visibility into ROI not just when users click, but also when they view.

Cross-channel insights

Compare all your marketing channels—including web, email, ads, social, and more—in one place.

Advanced analytics dashboard

See where clicks, installs, and conversion events occurred. Segment by device, platform, channel, campaign, and more.

Complete data freedom

Your data is yours, and you can get it via turnkey integrations, robust APIs, webhooks, and CSV exports.

Fraud detection

Cutting-edge fraud protection based on indicators from both web and app activity, via the world's largest network of mobile device data.

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