Data Feeds

Data Feeds makes it easy to export your Branch data the way you want using Data Integrations, Webhooks, the Data Export API, and the Query API.

Get actionable insights from Branch data

Data Integrations

Send Branch’s powerful attribution data to a growing list of analytics and marketing tools.

View contextual deep link and organic attribution data with Google Analytics' marketing interface. Couple Google Analytics' consumer behavour analytics with Branch's organic attribution data for insight into the behaviour of users acquired through different features, channels, campaigns, and custom segments.

Braze (formerly Appboy) is pioneering a new vertical for marketing automation by empowering mobile app marketers and developers to make intelligent, data-driven decisions around how to best engage, retain and monetize their users.

Mixpanel is an analytics platform for mobile and web, supporting businesses to study consumer behavior.

Amplitude analytics helps you leverage cross-platform behavioral data to drive explosive user growth. Pinpoint your path to user growth in hours.

Build user cohorts within the Localytics dashboard using Branch's organic attribution. Identify the product feature, channel, and campaign that drives users to your app. Use these cohorts to improve the performance of targeted push notification and email campaigns.

Adobe Analytics gives you a deeper understanding of your mobile customers and a comprehensive view into your mobile campaign performance.

Supercharge your mobile engagement campaigns with Branch and CleverTap. Drive phenomenal user growth and retention by understanding the channels that work best for a segment of users, and create personalized messages to influence them to take the optimal action at scale.

AppMetrica offers accurate install attribution along with powerful and flexible analytics and crash-reporting features. We help our customers to increase the effectiveness of their marketing activities and know the audience better with AppMetrica insightful reports.

Convertro provides clients with actionable spend recommendations that empower them to confidently reallocate marketing by means of its algorithmic attribution models that meld marketing cost and conversion data, including in-store, with customer marketing exposures captured at the most granular level.

Brands rely on Leanplum to help them orchestrate multi-channel campaigns — from messaging to the in-app experience — all from a single, integrated platform. Global brands such as Tinder, Grab, Tesco, and Zynga turn to Leanplum to accelerate growth and build long-term customer relationships.

Segment provides the customer data infrastructure that helps businesses put their customers first. Using Segment, companies can collect, unify, and connect their first-party to over 200 marketing, analytics, and data warehouse tools.

Singular is a marketing intelligence platform that unifies marketing analytics, giving marketers actionable insights from previously siloed data. By connecting upper funnel marketing data with lower-funnel attribution data, marketers can measure ROI from every touchpoint across multiple channels and optimize spend down to the most granular levels.

mParticle is the customer data platform for every screen. Sophisticated marketers at companies like Walmart, Starwood, NBC Universal, Spotify and Airbnb use mParticle to integrate and orchestrate their entire growth stack, enabling them to win in key moments of the customer journey.

Airship gives brands the user-level data, engagement channels, AI orchestration and services they need to deliver push notifications, emails, SMS, in-app messages, mobile wallet passes and more to exactly the right person in exactly the right moment — building trust, boosting engagement, driving action and growing value.