Increase Conversions and Purchases from Email

With Branch’s Deep Linked Email, improving email to app marketing performance is simple.

Emails Are Broken

Currently, email clicks on mobile send users to the web where context is lost and the user experience is broken.

Without Deep Linking

  • User not signed in
  • Poor user experience
  • Lower conversion results

Branch Deep Linked Email

  • User always logged in
  • Improved user experience
  • Higher conversion results

With Branch, users are linked directly to content in the app where they are 2x more likely to engage.

Harness the Value of App Users

Compared to mobile web, app users are more valuable for a variety of reasons.

Current Offerings

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How Do I Get Started?

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How Does it Work?

In your ESP's dashboard, a simple script automatically converts your regular email links to deep links.

  • Quick one time setup
  • Works with dynamic personalization
  • Scalable to any number of emails and links

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$ 0.02 /per click

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