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Deep Linking

Deep links that support all standards, opening the app when installed or passing data through the app stores.


Click, install and re-open attribution at the link or campaign level to understand your mobile growth and engagement.

Acquire New Users

2x engagement
7x return on ad spend
6x increase in click install rates
42% click to install rate

Free with Premium Upgrades

Seamlessly convert users from mobile web to app

Use Journeys Web to App Marketing™ to convert mobile web visits into active new users. Take advantage of one of the largest sources of app installs with smart app banners, interstitials, and panels, that can be tailored to any audience.

Increase revenue with Dynamic Ads to app content

With Branch’s Deep Linked Feeds for Dynamic Ads, you can easily add deep links to your product or content feeds to take users directly to relevant app content. Increase engagement, drive revenue, and unlock valuable new data on mobile remarketing campaign performance.

Show your users app content before install

Increase conversion by showing users content they would normally only see post install. Branch Deepviews Content Previews are autogenerated, mobile-web ready previews of your app content that improve click-to-install conversion rates. Enable them with one click on the dashboard.

Convert organic searches to app downloads

Branch allows you to easily index your app content for Google's Firebase App Indexing and Apple Spotlight Search. With Branch your app content will show up on organic search and you can measure how many clicks, installs, and opens came from this channel.

Engage Existing Users

65% increase in session from email
8 integrations and counting
78% increase install to signup
50% decrease in cost per install by promoting top content


Increase conversions and purchases from email

Increase engagement and new user acquisition with marketing emails that link to app content. Links work whether they are clicked on mobile or desktop, and connect to the right app content even after a new install.


Unlock the power of your analytics

With Data Integrations you can send your Branch deep link and organic attribution data to a growing number of partners with one click. Visualize your data on a single dashboard for improved insights into your app's performance.

Engage new users with custom welcome

Jumpstart new user engagement with a custom onboarding flow. With Branch links you can pass data through the app stores. This gives you the ability to create a personalized onboarding experience with something unique, like a picture of the friend who invited them.

Identify the app content driving installs & engagement

Your unique collection of content - whether news stories, songs, recipes or more - is what users want. Content Analytics gives you the views, links created, links clicks, installs, and opens for individual pieces of app content so you can learn what drives growth.


Encourage Sharing and Growth

1.9x increase in retention
35% increase in one-week retention
31% conversion to sign up

Empower users to share app content over any channel

Make every share count with deep linked content sharing that routes correctly on every channel and platform. Increase user engagement and retention by linking directly to shared content, passing data through install so even new users see what was shared.

Incentivize new and existing users without promo codes

With Branch's rewarded referrals, you can power incredibly easy to run user install and engagement campaigns. It offers powerful link generation, referral tracking, attribution, fraud protection, and credit balance.

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