Protect your ad spend

The keys to preventing mobile ad fraud:

Scalable, data-driven action

Implementing hard-coded blocking rules (that quickly become stale) allows fraudsters to respond quickly to ever-evolving fraudulent patterns.

Branch’s unique, cross-platform scale provides the data depth and breadth required for a resilient, scalable detection model based on machine learning. We automate the detection of statistical variations across a vast pool of data signals to spot and block fraudulent patterns as they emerge.

Quality insights

Most attribution providers mark fraudulent attribution data as “organic.” This distorts healthy analytics and prevents customers from comparing the quality of traffic across their ad sources.

Customers can clearly view suspicious patterns in data, separate from healthy analytics, right in the Branch dashboard. While attribution data is preserved, Branch blocks attribution payouts and takes action to remove bad actors in real time, so customers do not have to worry about recouping losses.

Detect and block fraud before it happens

Stay ahead of common fraud techniques

Protect your budget with Branch's flexible fraud rules

Create custom rules that block at the event level based on any attribute.

Enable AI-generated rules to stay protected as fraud patterns evolve.

We use constantly advancing proprietary algorithms to dynamically block attributions on browsers and devices showing suspicious behavior across our platform. Our advanced machine learning gives you the highest level of attribution while focusing on user privacy.

You can learn more about Branch recommended fraud rules by speaking with your customer support team.

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Ready to fraud-proof your mobile advertising budget?

Cutting-edge fraud protection is included by default for all Branch customers. You'll also get support for hundreds of ad networks, powerful deferred deep linking, and the best data export API in the industry.