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Branch was founded in June 2014 by Alex Austin, Mada Seghete, Mike Molinet, and Dmitri Gaskin. The team had worked together on Kindred Prints, a photobook printing app. Frustrated by the limitations imposed by app stores on user acquisition, they built links that passed data through install to grow the Kindred userbase.

They decided to sell Kindred and work on Branch full-time when their developer friends kept asking how they solved the growth problem.

Branch provides deep linking technology for developers to gain and retain users. Branch's solution works on every platform and handles all edge cases. It also supports all major deep linking features from Google, Facebook and Apple so developers can quickly and easily take advantage of the latest technology without infrastructure, licensing or maintenance costs.

With over $53 million in funding, Branch is uniquely positioned to help solve mobile discovery by connecting users to relevant app content through deep links. Branch is used by over 11,000 apps including e-commerce apps like Jet and Ticketmaster, digital content apps like Buzzfeed, Fox Sports and We Heart It, travel and real estate apps like HotelTonight, Home Away and Redfin, games by companies like Zynga, and social apps like Pinterest, Dubsmash and Coffee Meets Bagel. The best teams in mobile use Branch.

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