QR Codes

Merging the benefits of offline and online channels

Bridge the offline to online gap by creating QR codes from any Branch link that work on any device, channel, or platform.


The time for QR Codes is now


In the UK and Europe, 80% of smartphone users have scanned a QR code at least once

Source: Mobile Iron


From January 2019 to January 2021 there has been a 496% surge in QR codes as the last attributed touch before a conversion event

Source: Branch study

Mobile Payment

85% of mobile users in China paid by scanning a QR code

Source: China Daily

Unlock greater user lifetime value by using QR codes to bring your users into your app.

User lifetime value

Propel app growth and user LTV

Connect Users with high branch engagement and affinity

Convert users with high brand engagement and affinity

Piggyback off of the high engagement of users who already have a relationship with your brand by using QR codes to convert them to loyal app users. Place QR codes in store locations, on product packaging and product inserts, during app onboarding, or on receipts to convert existing high-value users into app users.

Convert users with low brand engagement

Convert users with low brand engagement

Increase app engagement and activation of users who are unaware of or have little exposure to your brand by using QR codes on direct mail campaigns, print ads, billboards, and TV commercials.

Bridge the offline to online gap

Leverage your existing channels to drive app acquisition and engagement while powering frictionless experiences from offline to online:

The Branch QR Code advantage

Update QR Codes on the fly

With campaigns quickly changing, it's essential to be able to update your QR codes anytime and anywhere. Whether you want to update a promotion or website behind a QR code at scale, Branch's QR code generator allows you to update your QR code links at any point in time to ensure your content is up to date.

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Power a better user experience

Branch QR codes are powered by Branch's deep linking technology, allowing you to seamlessly route users to relevant in-app content, reducing drop off and increasing conversion rates. For users who do not have your app, route them to the App or Play store to download and preserve the context of their click through install. Easily personalize the experience for users coming from QR codes while maintaining attribution data.

Better User Experience

Understand your QR Code campaign performance

QR codes let you measure your users' journeys from offline to online. Branch links are automatically equipped with attribution data, so you can view your QR codes' performance right in the dashboard and compare with your other marketing activities. Better optimize your QR code campaigns for higher engagement and conversions.
QR Code Campaign Performance

Create campaign-ready QR Codes with Branch

Create QR Codes in the Branch Dashboard

Create QR codes from any of your existing Branch links in the dashboard.

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Branch Link Creator

Automatically generate QR codes for your Branch links.

Branch Link Creator

Programmatic, dynamic QR Codes at scale

With just a few lines of code, Branch's QR Code API lets you programmatically create thousands of unique QR codes for your various campaigns. Speed up your workflow and automate the creation of multiple custom QR codes to drive app adoption and engagement. Because each QR code is powered by a Branch link, you can easily measure their performance right in the dashboard.

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