Universal Ads

Goodbye, guesswork.
Hello, data.

Track ad conversions across every device,
platform, and channel.

You have a website and an app, and you advertise both of them. But how accurate is your cross-platform measurement? With Universal Ads from Branch, you can finally optimize campaign performance and track your full return on investment in one place, using data from every channel and platform.

Track the Whole Journey
Track the Whole Journey

See the full value of your customers by unifying touchpoints across every platform and channel.

Uncover More Conversions
Uncover More Conversions

Improve your campaign optimization by discovering up to 30% more attributed conversions.

Built on Branch Links
Built on Branch Links

Power seamless customer experiences with links that just work. Thousands of top brands trust Branch to handle every edge case.

Claim your missing conversions

Claim your missing conversions

Universal Ads correctly attributes up to 30% more of your conversions.

Customer journeys are no longer simple. Complicated, cross-platform experiences are now perfectly normal, and your attribution tool needs to keep up.

The engine behind Universal Ads is People-Based Attribution, a state-of-the-art identity network that stitches together fragmented touchpoints across channels.

With People-Based Attribution, complex conversions that legacy systems miss (or worse, put into the wrong bucket) now show up where they belong. This means 30% more data to optimize your campaigns and maximize ROI.

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monthly conversion report
Unique, cross-platform insights

Unique, cross-platform insights

Performance marketing is a competitive sport. Universal Ads gives you visibility into the data you need to get ahead.

  • Down-funnel events combined across platforms.
  • Conversion rates compared by ad network.
  • Long-term trends, broken down by platform, ad set name, channel, and more.
Unique, cross-platform insights

Sophisticated use cases

Retarget Existing Users
Measure Total Revenue

See cumulative revenue from users across both web and app.

Measure Total Revenue
Retarget Your Users

Track existing app users who see a web ad and then purchase in the app, even if they didn't click.

Web to App Conversions
Track Web to App Conversions

After a user installs your app and purchases, attribute the revenue to the web ad that drove the install.

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Cutting-edge fraud detection for everyone

Cutting-edge fraud detection for everyone

All Branch partners receive our best-in-class fraud detection solution.

We provide metrics you can use to eliminate low quality traffic by working with your ad networks, and our cross-platform reach makes us uniquely positioned to provide fraud insights based on data signals no other provider can match.

Our research team uses web and app signals to monitor fraudulent activity, and is constantly adding protection as new fraudulent patterns emerge.

Common fraud techniques Branch helps you prevent

Fake Devices/Click Farms
Install Hijacking/Click Injection
Click Flooding
Ad Stacking

Fraud Method: use emulators and device farms to generate fraudulent clicks.

Detection Strategy: blacklisted IPs, because many conversions will come from the same IP address; high click-to-install rates, because this fraud method is most cost-effective when clicks lead to installs.

Fraud Method: use a compromised app already on the device to detect installs, and fire off a click just before the new app is opened.

Detection Strategy: short click-to-install times, because users typically open apps right after downloading them.

Fraud Method: generate millions of clicks with random device IDs (IDFA or GAID), and hope that some of those users will install later.

Detection Strategy: long click-to-install times, because there is no legitimate connection between click and install.

Fraud Method: layer dozens of ads on top of each other, leading to fraudulent clicks on ads that aren't even visible.

Detection Strategy: low click-to-install rates, because this fraud method generates excessive numbers of clicks.

Cutting-edge fraud detection for everyone
Every ad network you need. Every objective

Every ad network you need. Every objective

Using a niche publisher to reach a specific audience? Want to try out that ad network with a unique new segmentation algorithm? No problem! Branch Universal Ads has a pre-configured integration ready and waiting.

our ad networks

Interested in becoming a Universal Ads network partner?

Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner

Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner

Branch is a Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner. This means Universal Ads will give you full insight into your ROI from Facebook ads.

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Build your ads into something breathtaking

Build your ads into something breathtaking

The world’s top brands have used Branch to power best-in-class customer journeys for years. Now, Universal Ads brings the same magic to paid acquisition: you can attribute app installs more accurately than ever before, and give those new users a flawless experience that will keep them coming back—over, and over, and over.

Deferred Deep Linking

Double conversion rates by taking new users straight to the specific product or content featured in your ad after installing.

Keep Users Coming Back

Built-in support for Universal Links and Android App Links means you can run app engagement campaigns to your existing users.

Build Once, Link Everywhere

Branch supports links for email, sharing, social, and more. No need to implement different tools for each channel.

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Complete data freedom

Complete data freedom

With attribution data this good, you will want it available everywhere.

  • In-house data warehouses.
  • Sophisticated multi-touch modeling tools.
  • Custom dashboards your team has used for years.

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Branch Data Feeds has what you need

Data Integrations
Data Integrations

Pre-built, turnkey integrations with popular services.

Export APIs
Export APIs

Powerful, robust APIs to retrieve data in bulk for warehousing and custom integrations.


Real-time event callbacks for any purpose.

Universal Ads Product Features

Universal Ads Product Features

Track Web and App Together

Get the whole picture, even when conversion events happen on your website instead of in the app.

Identity Graph

The world's largest pool of identity pairs, based on Strong and Probabilistic matching.


Compare your paid acquisition to other marketing channels like organic search and social, all in one place.

Configurable Attribution Windows

Set the custom attribution windows best suited to your campaigns, down to the individual link level.

Links That Just Work

World-class deep linking as the foundation, not an afterthought. Includes support for iOS Universal Links and Android App Links.

Real-Time Postbacks

Choose which events trigger postbacks, and customize them separately for each ad network.

Deep Linking and Attribution Together

Use a single link for both purposes. No more compromises or hacky workarounds.

View-Through Attribution

Get visibility into ROI not just when users click your ads, but also when they view them.

Fraud Detection

Cutting-edge fraud protection based on indicators from both web and app activity, via the world's largest network of mobile device data.

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