Why Choose Branch?

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Looking for deep links?

Let me guess. You're interested in one of these things:
  1. Organic growth and attribution with deep links
  2. Passing referring data through install
  3. Links that work on all platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, SMS, etc)
  4. Listing content on Google App Indexing, Apple Spotlight or Bing Search
For an integration that's as complicated as this, you don't want to get locked into a second tier platform. Here's why you know you're in the right hands with Branch.

> Proprietary 100% match technology

We have tech that allows us to match at 100% accuracy once a user has clicked on a Branch link before. As the largest deep linking network, we see hundreds of millions of users pass through our system per day giving us the largest coverage of any provider by a long shot.

> Battle-hardened, ultra reliable infrastructure

Our distributed, service oriented architecture is designed to scale with you. It's monitored 24/7 by a team of people who can react to issues in seconds. We provide enterprise-level service agreements to guarantee that your links will work when you need them most.

> Mobile linking legos. For every use case.

Want to build a full stack mobile referral program? Or perhaps a deep linked content sharing feature? How about power every single daily re-engagement email with a Branch link? Want a drop-in mobile web interstitial? From our web SDK to public API to native iOS/Android SDKs, Branch has you covered with all link creation and analytics functionality.

> Every edge case. Handled.

Through our thousands of app partners, Branch serves links to users around the world, from New York City to rural Africa. We've made sure our links work in every edge case, on every phone. Did you know that the Facebook native app handles app linking differently on the Samsung Galaxy S4 on Android version 4.0 than on Android version 4.4 or later? Branch links do.

> Automatically listing in Google, Bing and Apple Spotlight search

Your deep links are meant to be discovered. With every major tech player constantly shifting standards and implementations within the search space, you can trust that Branch will do the work to make sure your app is discoverable in all new search portals.

Want to see how Branch links can work for you?