The world’s top apps trust Branch to achieve best-in-class results

Master your business on mobile with the world’s most popular and comprehensive linking and attribution platform.

Fix broken experiences and solve cross-channel measurement with unparalleled accuracy, breadth, and scalability.
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People who care deeply about customer experience and insight trust Branch to accelerate existing channel pathways for incremental mobile revenue and user delight.

Branch customers see great results

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Branch is the only solution built on links designed to engage users, which means we don't just measure conversions — we also help drive them.

Why Branch
We built the Branch infrastructure to power world-class deep linked user experiences from touchpoints across channels, platforms, and devices, helping you engage your customers in meaningful ways.
Why Branch
By solving cross-platform user experiences at scale for 100,000 apps and many of the best-known brands in the world, a virtuous cycle between our products and data helped create the most extensive, accurate measurement solution to date.
As the layer that connects all of your marketing efforts, Branch helps you determine your most effective campaign channel spends - both paid and organic. Branch helps your business grow from every marketing channel by fixing broken customer experiences and solving attribution inaccuracies.
Why Branch

Branch empowers a unified multi-channel approach

Create flawless user experiences through links that work across every platform and channel. From re-engagement ads to web to email campaigns, Branch deep links drive better performance by seamlessly routing users into the app even through install with the highest matching accuracy.

Leverage the most advanced machine learning to measure every channel's conversion on any platform for visibility into the complete user journey. Understand paid and organic campaign ROI in one place with unified, accurate data.

Convert web visitors into loyal app users by providing a seamless, personalized, mobile web-to-app experience. Branch drives improvements in engagement, retention, and lifetime customer value — while providing marketers with greater visibility into web and app

Dedupe attribution, prevent wasted spend and increase campaign ROI. Branch optimizes your ads for action with accurate, link-powered attribution for both web and app to measure the full return on ad spend in one place. Plus, get cohort analysis for everything.

Maximize mobile revenue with improved email-to-app conversion rates by seamlessly routing users to the app from emails clicked through on mobile. Get visibility into user activity driven by email across both web and app.

In addition to blocking industry-wide generic fraud, dynamically block advanced fraud with a flexible rule system that supports highly custom needs.

Get creative, personalize experiences, and maximize organic growth with flexible use cases.

Get your data via turnkey integrations, robust APIs, webhooks, and CSV exports, and experience the industry’s most robust custom export UI.

Branch is the missing piece of your mobile marketing stack that connects all of your efforts.

deep links
deep links
Branch offers out of the box integrations with leading ESPs, analytics tools, and ad networks.

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