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At Branch we take a holistic approach when it comes to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Diversity is more than anyone’s gender, race, or ethnicity. We're dedicated to building an organization that is representative of all people, all backgrounds, and all perspectives because we believe the best ideas come from a diverse way of looking at technology and the world. We strive for Branch to be a place where people can be themselves and feel comfortable voicing diverse perspectives without judgment or bias.

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Branch Employee Resource Groups (ERG’s)

Empowering Branchsters from around the world to use their passion to make Branch the most inclusive and diverse company. Our employee-run resource groups are open to all. Here are just a few that we think you’ll love.


We are dedicated to empowering and supporting women at Branch. Our mission is to cultivate an inclusive environment that encourages women to advance their skills and leadership capabilities through mentorship, collaboration and open discussions.


To foster safe spaces, support professional development, and provide access to networking opportunities for Branch employees of African descent. The Roots ERG embraces the diversity of its members and their backgrounds and looks to embolden all employees to build, grow, and win together.


We are here to develop a strong network as well as promote the cultural diversity and the professional development of our members. Together we will make an impact within the Hispanic and LatinX communities inside and outside of Branch.


We aim to bring LGBTQ+ culture and history to the forefront of the Branch organization, in an effort to bring continued diversity and meaningful change where it should be implemented. The Pride ERG proudly represents Branch amongst queer-identifying professionals and embarks on philanthropic endeavors that give back to the broader LGBTQ+ community globally.


It's a safe forum that provides opportunities for discussion between parents, people who might want to be parents and people who want to support parents in order to identify and advocate for ways that Branch can further assist parents through all stages of life.

Minds Matter

Our mission is to help build a safe environment to open up conversations about what mental health is and how people experience it in regards to the workplace, with the long-term goal of helping to improve the overall mental health of Branch employees.

Workforce Demographics

We strive to build a more diverse and inclusive team than we are today by measuring our progress, and publish the results to hold ourselves accountable.

** Race/Ethnicity data is US only. Gender data is worldwide

Branch workplace demographics

Belonging is when you feel safe and valued for embracing what makes you different. Meet Branchsters who agree.

We are committed

There’s an incredible opportunity to create an industry that’s more reflective of the rest of the world, which is important because who we are so deeply affects the products we build as a team. It’s not enough to just talk about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, it requires consistent, committed efforts. Here’s what we are doing, supporting and celebrating to drive the change.

Tech for Black Founders

As part of the efforts to combat inequality and systemic racism that exists in the world - including in the tech industry - we've paired up with four other tech companies to offer a combined growth stack for startups with Black founders for free.

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How Leaders can drive real change
How Leaders can drive real change

Branch’s approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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Equal Pay Commitment

Read about our commitment to Equal pay for Equal work.

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How Branch Stepped Up During a Global Pandemic
How Branch Stepped Up During a Global Pandemic

Being a parent and a working professional is a difficult thing to balance, but this has been a unique time for all of us to come together and support our parent employees.

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Comparably award for Diversity

Honored, grateful and proud to hear our employees voice their support and acknowledge our efforts in building a Diverse and inclusive culture.

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Diversity at Branch, sharing our stories

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