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Ready for your next challenge? Join our incredible team, where we’re building the future of discoverability for mobile search. At Branch Engineering, you’ll build and ship code on a daily basis using groundbreaking technology, deliver a seamless experience to our partners and customers , and work with an amazing group of people from a wide diverse background who are fascinated, committed to our Journey. Welcome to #LifeAtBranch.

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Build the future of Mobile at Branch
Mark Weiler

"We operate at a tremendous scale with systems that process millions of events per second and are constantly releasing new features. We are an ambitious, independent, and pragmatic group of Engineers working on building ground breaking products. Join our rocket ship journey!"

Mark Weiler

SVP of Engineering

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Kafka: Streaming Data Processing
@ Branch

Branch sees over 7 billion mobile events across our platform on a daily basis. We leverage Apache Kafka to handle hundreds of thousands of messages per second (and warehouse trillions of transactions yearly!). We leverage Apache Flink (which we use to process and feed to HDFS), Apache Spark (which we use to do real time aggregation and decision making), and Apache Druid (which we use to do time series, multi-dimensional rollups for reporting and analytics).

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Kubernetes: Resource and Container Management @ Branch

Branch was an early adopter of Kubernetes and has been running large production clusters since 2016. We manage hundreds of microservices in K8s which keep Branch online. Our general deployment philosophy is to develop and deploy well contained stateless services in Docker containers to Kubernetes.

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DynamoDB: Core Storage @ Branch

Branch is one of the core linking infrastructures of the modern mobile world. On a daily basis our customers and their users are generating hundreds of millions of new deep links per day. For this solution we leveraged Amazon’s DynamoDB and DAX to provide efficient, scalable and highly reliable core storage for the over 75 billion links we manage on our platform.

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Laying down roots for data science

Today, over 60,000 apps, including Airbnb, Pinterest, Reddit, Nextdoor, Buzzfeed, Twitch, Poshmark, and many more integrate with and trust Branch to power their linking infrastructure, attribution engine, and mobile analytics — across all platforms & channels.

As we continue to unify and bridge the web, mobile web and app ecosystems, we have bold and ambitious goals to power the mobile growth infrastructure for every app in the world and build a revolutionary mobile app and content discovery platform.

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