Sharing that passes context past install

Imagine if your users could access the content that drove them to the app right after install. With the powerful Branch deep linking system, now they can!

How it works

Content shared by one user is available to everyone that clicks or installs from that link.


User shares a branch link over text, e-mail or social media


Other user clicks the link from mobile device or web


Branch takes the user to the appropriate app store


New user sees content from the link or a personalized welcome

Powerful insights into the content that is spreading your app

Influential contentThe Branch dashboard gives you powerful insights into what content is getting shared the most and which of that content is driving the most installs.
Personalized installsPersonalizing the first app experience after install delivers a better user experience and drives higher sign-up conversions.
Insights into your sharing programKnow where to focus your efforts by seeing performance for your user-to-user sharing, marketing links, paid campaigns and referral program.