Deep Linking

Goodbye, breakage.
Hello, engagement.

Delight customers by routing them to the content they expect.

Deliver seamless user experiences that drive action with powerful marketing links that work on every platform and every channel.

Seamless experiences through deep links help you…
Prevent dropoff and  churn
Prevent dropoff and churn

Fixing broken links by deep linking with Branch increased the click-to-open rates for a customer’s app from 50% to 90%

Increase stickiness and loyalty
Increase stickiness and loyalty

Adobe Spark drove a 95% increase in conversions by deep linking with Branch

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Double customer lifecycle
Double customer lifecycle

Linking users to content within an app makes them 2x more likely to engage

Branch simplifies linking on mobile

Branch simplifies linking on mobile

At Branch, our team spends every waking moment exclusively working on this, and we have learned that the devil is in the details.

Branch gives you peace of mind that your links will work in every edgecase to route users to the best destination with the industry’s highest matching accuracy, by combining every deep linking standard into a single, simple package. Easy to implement, and always up to date.

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Deep Linking Basics

Is it possible to build what Branch offers?

Is it possible to build what Branch offers?

Why scale from zero? Failure is expensive.
  • What is the cost of not optimizing UX, or delaying app adoption?
  • Why find and pay IT staff to re-invent a very complicated, constantly evolving tech stack?
  • Deep linking without Branch leads to UX failures due to suboptimal success rates.
  • It takes 3-6 months to build something just okay. You’ll still have fragmented data.
Edge cases you would have to handle:
  • Universal Links are not supported by all email clients
  • Social media apps require custom linking logic
  • Apple, Google, & Facebook change regularly, and require constant monitoring
  • Homegrown Web-to-App banners need engineering time & constant upkeep
  • Homegrown banners won’t be dynamic, measurable or scalable

Is it possible to get what Branch offers elsewhere?

If you are not using a good deep linking tool, half your clicks might be ending up in errors.
Typical MMP
Deferred Deep Linking
Deep link users to relevant content immediately after first install.
*Significantly degraded success rate and matching accuracy due to reliance on fingerprinting.
Link Success Rate
Successfully route users to the intended in-app content, handling all deep linking edge cases.
Data Call-Back Time
> 10s
Return deep link data quickly, so you can build seamless user experiences.
Branded URLs
Customized link URLs to match your brand.
*Limitations on adding branded links.
Custom Link Data
Store custom data parameters in link data, to power world-class features like custom onboarding and incentivized content sharing.
*Extra charge for over 10 parameters.
We performed an experiment recently with a customer and this is what we saw:
Open Rate
Typical MMP

Hear what our customers say about Branch links

Drive action from every channel

Drive action from every channel

Build once, link everywhere
Branch supports links for email, sharing, social, and more. No need to implement different tools for each channel.
Drive revenue from ads
Drive revenue from ads
Show them what they want
Double conversion rates by taking new users straight to the specific product or content featured in your ad after installing.
Keep users coming back
Built-in support for Universal Links and Android App Links means you can run app engagement campaigns to your existing users.
Learn about Universal Ads
Increase engagement from email
Increase engagement from email
Best edge case handling
Branch makes sure links always work, and fixes edge cases whenever they come up so you don't have to.
Drive conversions
Tradesy drove a 27% higher conversion rate vs. non-deep linked emails.
Learn about Mobile Optimized Email
Acquire users from your mobile website
Acquire users from your mobile website
Eliminate drop off
Route users directly to the content they were viewing on the web in your app for an improved experience.
Acquire high intent users
Send app users to desired in-app content, and direct users without your app to the appropriate app store to install, and then to the desired content in the app.
Learn about web-to-app Journeys
Create Quick Links in seconds
Create Quick Links in seconds
Branding matters
Double click through rates with branded deep links on social.
Links that work everywhere
Whether it’s a click from Twitter on iOS 10, from Instagram on Android Marshmallow, or any other combination, your links are sure to work.

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Drive action from every channel

Platform Guide

Native Mobile Apps
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Desktop and Mobile Web
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