What is deep linking?

The simplest explanation of deep links and what makes a good deep link.

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A deep link is a link that takes you to content. Most web links are deep links.

What is the problem with mobile apps?

Web links don’t work with native mobile apps. If you use your mobile device to open a link to a pair of shoes on Jet.com, you are taken to the destination in your web browser even if you have the Jet app installed. This is a problem because the Jet app is a better user experience than the mobile version of Jet.com.

What is the deep link solution for apps?

Mobile app deep links (also known simply as “deep links”) point to content inside an app. If you want to share a pair of shoes from the Jet with a friend, you can send a deep link that brings your friend directly to those shoes in the app. Without a deep link, your friend would have to find the Jet app on the App Store or Play Store, open the app to the homepage, locate the Search function, and then try to find the same pair of shoes you did.